Absence of winter Rains in India

Normally moisture laden clouds arrive into India from West during the  period of November to March which brings in Rain to North India, favourable for Rabi crops and also has its various other advantages. Observations from recent satellite imageries indicate Western mausam is instead deviating upwards (North) thereby bypassing/ depriving India from rains. This is a newer type of predator which human capability must tackle by suitable deployment of  ‘Specialized sciences’, as indicated at the end of Bulletin no.6 (Rev-11), in the Service section.  [Only the last 3 pages are supplemented in this revision]

Transformation update

The resolute need for human to transcend towards greater horizons is mounting. Termination of Consciousness’ progress or destruction of our materialized world (maya) is not the solution for the present times. Spiritual-science contains precious tools to unveil Nature’s hidden mystery & augment influx of Divine Spirit-Energy for expediting the evolutionary process and renew our Planet. Human beings can evolve to higher planes of Consciousness to avail much needed Transformation. India is placed onto a Rapid-progress corridor to recover her ancient wisdom & capability so as deploy the same more purposely …. as appended at the end of Bulletin No.8 [Rev-6], in the Service section.

post Diwali Air POLLUTION

SMOG has been affecting Delhi for the past several days which is indeed terrible for the residents making life miserable & sick.   Specialized sciences need be explored in order to deliver the remedy for this predator: Instant Rains or suitable surface winds could immediately eliminate the problem residing over Delhi. If scientists fail to deliver the requisite antidote for such predators, try tapping the truer science of nature to experience its wonders. A large portion of Conventional science has become outdated which needs to be blended with more specialized science available within nature; towards the formation of a needed Modern Science for future applications.The solution is well indicated within this site; learn to accept a higher Truth which will help humankind transcend towards higher planes of Consciousness  —  it is very easy, why feel shy of Nature?.

Go-Around … at low airspeed

Go-around is a very important flight safety escape maneuver in Aviation which can rescue an airplane from undesirable clutches of a hazardous/ abnormal in-flight situation, whilst approaching to land. Many airplane accidents have occurred during this critical phase of flight because of unsuccessful Go-around attempt. Proper understanding of basic aerodynamics and correct in-flight actions on part of airline pilots is important for safe execution of this procedure  …. as appended in the Aviation section. ( Rev 1 )

Monsoon Dismay

This year (2016) too has been ensued with a wild monsoon assault; not desirable towards an ideal way of life for Indian environment. This monsoon has brought in widespread misery by way of havoc at many places resulting loss of lives and destruction. Such type of a result is the work of demonic/satanic forces acting aimlessly. However, a Transformed monsoon system — as ‘Made–in-India’ has been introduced whereby the new Peripheral & Northerly mausam inputs; together, formed a novel blending arrangement this year, to bless India …. as described at the end of Bulletin No. 6 (Rev 10 ) in the Service section.

Peripheral monsoon

A new mini monsoon arrangement has been established as a bonanza for Chandigarh & adjoining cities in North India — ‘Peripheral Monsoon’. The past trend of monsoon arriving North India in July appears to have ended; which would mean that there would be no need for long wait under sweltering heat added by woes of global warming effects. Rest of the country can also avail such newer presentations if the masses decide for a change  ….  as appended within Bulletin No.6 of the Service section.

Art of control over Weather

We need find that abandoned precious portion of ‘science’ which could unveil more of our true potential and also mitigate human suffering. Floods, absence of timely Rains have put up newer challenges before us. Science contains within itself the requisite skill needed to modify & generate weather patterns to create beneficial environment & optimize life on Planet. We need approach the Creator more consciously to enhance our capabilities by getting into a more purposeful play — along with Nature. Our true supremacy lies buried within our hidden potential — i.e. we need get better grips with art of purposeful utilization of ” That Spirit Energy ” out of which everything has evolved this far in space & time ..… as re-supplemented at the end of Bulletin No.6 of Service section, as [Revision 9].

Salvation versus Civilization

The correct purpose of attaining Salvation (moksha) is to deploy acquired Consciousness outward into selfless & dedicated service towards Civilization/humanity/masses to such a large extent that, Transformation of Civilization becomes successful. But as a routine practice; if one seeketh Redemption (mukti) as next objective after Salvation — the result would be that: Civilization has won the battle over Salvation? The need to understand various predicaments about reason for Salvation to prevail over Civilization … is briefly explained at the end of the Objective section.

Control over Air Pollution

Air pollution is a man-made predator which wants to destroy our health, comforts & the Planet. Human is the cause for it and human has the solution for it. Population control & control over population are both within the present reach /capability of human-beings. God expects us to use our various available resources to control this menace before it starts controlling us. It’s time to try transform the Mind a step ahead — towards Supermind; not under fear or doubt but with more submission & sincerity, if the true purpose of our Planetary existence need be realized & better enjoyed. … as also contained within Bulletin No.6 of Service section.

Grace & Will of God … ?

Divine Grace or blessings is the showering of basic pure Energy (prana) in the form of spirit released by the Creator to enhance/ augment the ‘existing’ potential of the recipient upon whom or whatsoever object the energy has been directed. Whereas, the WILL is the outcome of a concentrated effort in the form of [spirit+intent] power which could be an arrangement of Psyche Energy either in spirit or a materialized format released by God or any donor, with a specified intent … as explained in the Spirituality section.