How to find the Missing Plane

The technique to find the missing plane is accessible within the realm of the most Scientific way — by the science of the Spirit; from which every existence on this planet had evolved.  Conventional-science can never succeed alone with higher pursuits; nature has made it that way. Instead worldwide effort must shift the focus towards TRUTH. Global Public must revere the importance of Truth; as it is Truth alone which could unveil any mystery which gets obscured due any reason … as appended in Bulletin No.9 — in the Service sectionHAPPY EASTER

What is Nad

Significance of Nad within human beings:  one must learn the most ancient & precious concept of wisely listening to the Nad. Just like fragrance out of flowers; this is a continuous heavenly hymn that emanates out of the Creator with a soothing rhythm within the human brain/ mind. If one can latch onto its melody; the true potency of a human being could be realized. Try best to get grips with this Divine piece of wondrous tune which is somewhat similar to that of the gentle buzzing of the bee-like creature — heard in village farm-fields at night. Moreover, proper understanding of this exclusive music could also lead one to the ENERGY Powerhouse of Nature. Various applications could be envisaged by virtue of harnessing this natural-mechanism leading one towards joyous and comfortable-living; it could also help promoting every purpose of human life upon our Universe and Beyond.

Hazards of Noise pollution

Excessive Noise/ Sound is extremely hazardous to human health. The human ear and its associated design linking the diaphragm to the senses & nervous system were not designed by Nature to bear higher loads. Various research have revealed that a human being can develop several unimaginable health problems when subjected to such undesirable ambience containing exposure to higher noise decibels in the form of sound or vibrations, as annexed in Bulletin No.10 of the Service section.   REVISION 1


Election’s outcome

Indians need not worry about which Party is going to come into Power soon. Let any party win into command, as now onward there will be no scope for corruption, evil, inefficiency or any such undesirable conduct on part of the ruling government because the transformed ‘Time-Era’ (yuga-parivartan) has evolved towards region of better days. In other words; now onward any foul-play or failure of proper action will automatically get exposed & taken care of by its counter-active force known as ‘effective governance’. Any such failure to correct would be responded by the introduction of ‘Newer Predators’, as corrective action by Nature. One example of such newer type of predator is the ‘Missing-plane’s mystery’ who has gobbled-up its Truth resulting uncalled misery, wastage of time & money, with its search. Henceforth things have to move in the right direction ONLY, as indicated in Bulletin No.8 /‘Transformation Update’ post. Our new Era demands each-one to be extremely cautious so as to not err, in respect to evolutionary progression. Progress or quit the show; is the answer to evil, corrupt, inefficient & foul way of life.  Truth & Righteousness must be respected.

Transformation Update Rev. 2

The intent of Revision-2 is to update our collective progress. There are ways to precisely correlate past events with today’s celestial trends to evaluate future occurrences. Spiritual-science can prove to be the most precious tool to unveil Nature’s mystery and commence Divine influx much needed for up-liftment of humanity; by arriving at a point in human consciousness from where the much required Transformation could be accomplished. India is being placed on a ‘Rapid-progress’ corridor to regain her supremacy amongst world standards. An Update in this regard  as in Bulletin No.8 [Rev-2] appended in the Service section.

Recourse beyond Salvation

The biggest stride within history of our Planet begins now with a challenge to change the conventional practice of our past in regard to the human-mind’s traverse; instead of — ‘Salvation (moksha) to Liberation(mukti)’ need be re-coursed now from — ‘Salvation towards Transformation’. Nature has now offered the civilization of Planet Earth with a New Objective: instead of escaping from the materialistic world it would be purposeful to harness the same better with a perfect blend of Spiritual-science. Integration of such a wise amalgam towards beneficial applications & wonders will usher humankind towards a novel Destiny holding newer possibility pertaining to greater bounties of Joy, purpose & contentment … appended as a New Year Gift … in the Objective section. 

Geniuses of Sp_science

Marvels of Spiritual_science (Ss) in comparison to our achieved Materialistic Conventional_science (MCs) would always result the equation: Ss > MCs since the later has streamed out of the former with a result of practice. One may call Sp as Spiritual, Splendid, Supreme or a Special science; it would always remain the ultimate possibility. The entire creation evolved out of vibrations from this wondrous ‘Spirit-Energy’ which continuously emanates out of the Creator.  Its vibrations still resonate sufficiently enough for the ones who have the requisite interest & wisdom to tap its contents. Indeed modern_science can explore the core of the nucleus using Nuclear-Physics’ machinery but Ss uses simple wisdom of the Soul to reach any such core of the Spirit and could also get its contained Power deployed towards more purposeful applications to uplift every life on our Planet. Supremacy of such Spirit-power, for the purpose of this article, could be grasped: as briefly appended in the Spirituality section.

Planetary Transformation

This art of integration involves highly specialized skills by virtue of which one could perform exceptional tasks closely-enough with ‘The Divine’ to convince & appease her into a more active participation by unleashing augmented Dynamic-Energy towards welfare of our Planetary Existence in every respect & rescue us from various ongoing adversities prevailing at this awful period; for which human capability or scientific endeavours have become redundant. Undesirable Climate-changes, hopeless Economy, inefficient-governance etc. would all end by the onset of such Divine-Transformation. Indeed, the Restoration process towards such higher objectives has already begun, yet; not sufficiently-enough to become more effective, noticeable & purposeful to all. Widespread practice of Righteous conduct more collectively amid our daily-actions is being demanded by Nature. The current progress is indeed positive but tardy enough; worth be considered as almost stagnant. Every Objective contained in this site can be achieved at a much speedier pace for India if the Indian-Will ‘to change’ prevails within the masses, by the masses. Any effort to delay righteous conduct within society in respect to our ‘day-to-day’ proceedings would incur heavy penalty now onward as Nature has already decided its approach towards ending the unabated misery thrust upon the simple folks & innocent public; nothing can stall or suppress ‘That-Evolutionary-Process’ now — it is either change or remain to be a loser.

Monsoon/ Rains’ DISASTER and its management

This season Rains have either skipped many states of India or have rendered Floods & heavy disasters upon several States of the country. Such abnormal Monsoonal-phenomena has brought heavy losses to the Nation with a tune of billions resulted upon as aid /relief due drought or property /environmental damages. A perfect coordination with Nature is the immediate answer to harness every such undesirable occurrence: the beautiful city Chandigarh is an example where precipitation comes down in the form of Rain, Drizzle & fine-drizzle almost every day making the weather extremely pleasant for the minds & the environment. There is no water logging in streets or any threat of floods and havoc; such a process is termed as sanctification of rains, by Nature. This is possible anywhere and everywhere, whenever required. Life is total Joy, one must learn to get grips with Nature; adapt with it & enjoy it. India’s hidden Spiritual acumen has the capability to control every aspect upon this Planet; learn more about it in the Bulletins of the Service section.  ( R-1 )

Power of the SPIRIT

The Hon’ble President of India has admired the True philosophy of Swami Vivekananda, in his Speech during his swear-in ceremony at the Rashtrapti Bhavan emphasizing the importance of ‘Power of the SPIRIT’.  We should all pledge our support & prayers committedly to see such valuable words delivered by Sh. Pranab Mukherjee get manifested. Nature has offered the Hon’ble President a unique privilege to initiate that New-Process by which; Power of the Spirit could get activated and its affiliated Energy be unleashed towards the much needed Transformation in respect to all Life upon our Planet to mark the commencement of a New Beginning …. as indicated in Bulletin no. 7 appended in the Service section – requisition for an appointment to serve humanity.